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Alumni Spotlight: Diagnostic Medical Sonography Graduate Arisleydis Gonzalez

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Arisleydis was not new to the medical field or working with patients. After moving to the United States, she became frustrated after working various jobs and wanted to get back into healthcare.

She struggled with English, but realized the medical terminology was very similar. With the help from her program director and instructors, Arisleydia was able to excel in her program and was hired before she finished her externship. Learn more about her story below.

“I grew up in Cuba where I attended medical school and practiced medicine. In 2011, my husband and I came to the United States. Unfortunately, my English was just too poor to enroll in medical school here, so I was unable to practice medicine. I worked many different jobs and after a time became frustrated that I wasn’t able to apply my medical knowledge.

I was interested in ultrasound so a friend recommended Pima Medical Institute’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) program. When I visited Pima Medical I had no trouble passing the math exam, but I really struggled with the English one. My admissions advisor recommended I meet the DMS program director and sit in on a lecture. Imagine my excitement when I was able to understand almost everything because the medical terminology was so similar. I enrolled in the program and it changed my life!

Pima Medical was not only my school for ultrasound, it was also the place I learned English. My instructors were extremely helpful and patient. I had a very good clinical experience and, in fact, they called the school to see if they could hire me before I had even finished. I have been working in hospital settings as an ultrasound technologist and have even taught at Pima Medical in their DMS program.

I am quite sure there is no other school that would have given me the same opportunity that Pima Medical did with my limited English. They took a risk on me and I finished as their Outstanding Student! I am so grateful for Pima Medical Institute.”

Whether you are an experienced medical professional or just starting out, the ultrasound career path may be an exciting fit for your future in healthcare. And we’re here to support you along the way. Learn how we can help you get started.

September 10, 2021

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