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Alumni Spotlight: Healthcare Administration Certificate Graduate Savannah Chavez

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Savannah was working in retail with little direction and low self-esteem. She felt like the medical field was where she needed to be and after touring the Renton campus, she enrolled in the Medical Administrative Assistant program (now called Healthcare Administration Certificate).

It was just a few weeks following her graduation when Savannah started her new position at University of Washington Hospital. Learn how Pima Medical changed her life in her own words below.

“I had been working in retail for 9 years and felt like my life was going nowhere. I had poor self-esteem, and I never seemed to have enough money to pay my bills. Several of my family members have careers in the medical field, and I always felt like that was where I needed to be, but I just wasn’t sure how to get there.

I had a few friends who attended Pima Medical Institute and loved it, so I visited the school and found my place, enrolling in the Medical Administrative Assistant (now called Healthcare Administration Certificate) afternoon program. I continued working retail and would often do a morning shift, attend afternoon classes, and then work an evening shift. Even though I was busy, I had a great experience at Pima Medical! Everyone was welcoming and supportive and my instructors were available for one-on-one help whenever I needed it.

While working at my externship, I studied for and completed my Medical Administrative license with the State of Washington. Even though it felt like a long shot, I sent in my resume to the University of Washington Hospital and was offered a position only 3 weeks after graduation. I am in the cardiology center where I work at the front desk as a Patient Service Specialist. I thought I’d be in retail forever and never thought I’d work at one of the biggest hospitals in Seattle.

A few weeks at Pima Medical really will change your life!”

Savannah took that first step to make a change in her life. It wasn’t easy, but she had the support of her instructors to help her accomplish her goals. You can also start a new healthcare career in as little as 9 months with an education from Pima Medical. Now’s the time. Get started today.

May 6, 2021

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