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Alumni Spotlight: Medical Assistant Graduate Stephanie Vega

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Stephanie Vega is a graduate of the Medical Assistant Program at Pima Medical Institute’s Albuquerque campus. She is currently enrolled in our online Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s Degree program- all while being a frontline employee during this global pandemic.

Vega tells us, “I work as a Medical Assistant for the New Mexico Heart Institute. We walk in each day with our heads as high as our hopes as we fight against an invisible enemy, COVID-19. It stares us in the face as we stand by our oaths, with weapons of education, compassion and care. We step foot in the building with equal parts fear and pride as we continue to care for cardiovascular patients of New Mexico.”

“We have learned to shift our game plans within minutes of receiving news, and without skipping a beat, we function in unison to give the people of New Mexico the care they deserve,” Vega added.

“Our skills, talents and composure are put to the test daily. Masked heroes return home triumphantly knowing that each patient has been cared for with the dedication we were taught.”

Despite the changes that happen daily, Vega says her confidence remains constant.  She says, “I know that I have been equipped with the right training, the tools and education I need for this remains tucked under my belt. I got into this profession wanting to make a difference, this is my chance…I’m ready.”

We originally connected with Stephanie last year at an Alumni celebration at the Albuquerque campus. She told us how she had been a bored night security guard and, thanks to Pima Medical Institute, just nine months after starting her program, she was a medical assistant with a deep passion for the medical field.

Here is her original alumni interview, in her own words.

“I am currently working as a Medical Assistant in the area of vascular surgery at the New Mexico Heart Institute and I love my job!

It wasn’t very long ago that I was working a night shift security position where I was bored, felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere and longed for a career. One night I started researching online looking for something in the medical field and Pima Medical Institute popped up. I simply completed a brief form and they called the next day. Before I knew it, I was enrolled in the Medical Assistant Program. I was glad I didn’t have a chance to second guess my decision.

Going back to school was challenging for me. I was still working security full-time at night, going to school during the day and trying to find time to spend with my two-year-old daughter. That being said, Pima Medical provides everything you need to get started, including your uniform and backpack. I heard the passion in the voice of my first instructor when she spoke and it wasn’t long before I fell in love with the medical field. I felt like there was no question whether we were going to succeed. Everyone at Pima Medical was so helpful.

When it came time for my externship, Pima Medical’s career services department worked hard to place me at a site that fit my schedule and enabled me to continue working my security job. Being placed with a plastic surgeon was not my first choice, but I had an amazing experience and the doctor ended up recommending me for my current position at New Mexico Heart Institute. I’m so grateful for my new career!”

So many of our Pima Medical Institute graduates are being called upon to serve their communities in these uncertain times. Is a career in healthcare calling you?

Go to pmi.edu to learn more.

August 12, 2022

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