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Alumni Spotlight: Surgical Technology Graduate Leah Elswick

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

It didn’t take Leah long to get started in a healthcare career after she graduated high school. She found the Surgical Technology associate degree program at the Denver Campus challenging and fun.

From her classroom experiences to working with the Da Vinci surgical assistant robot, Leah shared what it was like going to school and her experience of what working as a Surgical Technologist is like. Learn how it was a great starting point for her career growth. See her video below.

Leah’s story in her own words is below.

“I came to Pima Medical Institute right out of high school looking for a career in the medical field. After researching a few different programs, I spoke with the director of Pima Medical’s newest program, Surgical Technology, and decided to enroll. The program was both challenging and fun. I found the instructors to be very well-trained, knowledgeable and helpful.

My role in surgery is to scrub in, prepare my cart with the specific items needed for a particular surgery, scrub in again, open everything and organize my table. Everything on that table is mine and totally my responsibility. Once the patient is brought into the room, I may help prep and drape the patient, and once the surgery begins, I assist the surgeon. I’m like the right-hand man to the surgeon, attempting to give him what he needs before he may even know he needs it.

I am grateful Pima Medical placed me in a prestigious hospital for my clinical site because the experience enabled me to get a job quite quickly. I am currently working at a plastic surgery center. My goal down the road is to get back to a hospital setting where I can work with the Da Vinci surgery robot, something I find fascinating. If you’re looking for a fast-paced career where you can test yourself or a career with a lot of possibilities for growth and specialty paths, the Surgical Technology program at Pima Medical would be a great fit for you.”

A career as a Surgical Technologist can be both exciting and rewarding as you work in an operating room with surgeons. It can take you into many different areas of the medical field. We’re here to help show you the possibilities and how to take the right steps toward your successful future. Get started today!

July 23, 2021

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