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Veterinary Assistant Student Finds his Purpose at Pima Medical

Posted: December 7, 2016 by Robb Nardy

At Pima Medical Institute we are always eager to know what motivates students to choose our school and the healthcare industry. By better understanding our students’ motivations, we can continue to provide them with the educations they need to succeed on the job.

Recently we asked a few of our students to tell us, in their own words, why they chose to come here. Here’s what Robb Nardy had to say. He’s a Veterinary Assistant certificate student at our Phoenix campus and will graduate in February, 2017.

I became a Veterinary Assistant student because I wanted to help save animals’ lives. I found passion in the field after volunteering for a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois rescue organization back home in California. The more I volunteered the more I knew I had found my calling. I knew that I was created to help save animal lives.

I chose to go to Pima Medical Institute because it was recommended by a veterinarian I knew. My experience at Pima Medical has been magical. I have goosebumps everyday walking up to school. The career prep portion of school was so informative and beneficial. It helps get students like myself in the mindset of being in school. I love learning while also having fun. At first I was really nervous and scared but the teachers here make you feel at ease and make learning so enjoyable. 

Pima Medical Institute veterinary assistant student cleans a chihuaha’s teeth during class. Robb Nardy, Pima Medical Institute Veterinary Assistant student, cleans a Chihuahua’s teeth during class at the Phoenix campus.
I have already finished class on pharmacology, where I got the chance to learn about drugs and how to calculate the doses that are used in my field. I have also learned what role I’ll play at a veterinary clinic or hospital. Recently I was in an aseptic technique and surgical assisting class, where I learned about the instruments used during surgery and maintaining a sterile environment.
When I graduate from the program I hope to obtain a job at a vet clinic or hospital helping animals. I also plan to be accepted into the Veterinary Technician program, which is really my main goal in attending Pima Medical Institute.
While being a student at Pima Medical I have become very active in my school as well, volunteering for the other programs like phlebotomy and dental assisting. I am very eager to help other students practice their techniques in their program to further their goals. I have also become an active member in the school’s chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America. I look forward to graduating from the Veterinary Assistant program.

Pima Medical Institute offers the Veterinary Assistant program at several campuses, including Phoenix, East Valley and Tucson, Arizona, Chula Vista, California, Colorado Springs, Denver and Aurora, Colorado, Dillon, Montana, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Houston and Renton and Seattle, Washington. It is a nine-month certificate program that prepares students to work in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and other locations that require animal care.

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