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Showing Gratitude for Our Graduates

Posted: November 21, 2018 by Diane Smith
Photo of MAA graduates from San Marcos' first graduation.
MAA graduates from San Marcos' first graduation.

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we at Pima Medical Institute want to show our gratitude for our graduates-more than 120,000 and counting. At Pima Medical, the commitment to our students doesn’t end when students receive their degree or certification. Faculty and staff are involved throughout our graduates’ professional journeys as well.
Photo of Mesa campus alumni and staff. Mesa campus alumni and staff.
We want to know what our graduates are doing, and hear their success stories. Many of those stories come to us through our alumni coordinator June Gudeman. Gudeman works tirelessly to keep in touch with our graduates and travels to many of our campuses, organizing and hosting alumni events all year long. From our first class of graduates at our San Marcos campus, to our Denver campus celebration of 30 years serving the community, Pima Medical Institute has been providing the best value in medical career education since 1972 and our commitment to our graduates has never wavered. 
At a recent alumni celebration at our Mesa campus, Chairman of the Board, Richard Luebke Jr. told those in attendance, “We want you to know we are always here for you, even after you graduate.”
Photo of Las Vegas Physical Therapy Assistant Alumni Las Vegas physical therapy assistant alumni.
Our Phoenix campus recently celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a homecoming alumni celebration. Hundreds of graduates, faculty and staff gathered to catch up and share stories. Our Las Vegas Physical Therapist Assistant Department hosted a party to celebrate reaching 100 licensed Physical Therapy Assistant Graduates at the campus.

Alumni Events are already filling the calendar for 2019. See all the programs we offer and see how you can become one of our graduate success stories, and a member of the Pima Medical family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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