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Surgical Technologist Career: What Does a Surgical Technologist Do?

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

The Surgical Technology program at Pima Medical Institute trains students to become members of a healthcare team, where they play a key role during surgical procedures.

The 18-month associate degree program, offered at Pima Medical Institute’s Denver campus, provides hands-on training, where students get the patient and technological experience they need. It is a new addition to the Denver campus’ list of extensive healthcare training programs; added in the summer of 2015.

The surgical technologist is elbow-to-elbow with doctors and nurses during an operation. They must be highly knowledgeable about the instrumentation and medication used during a procedure, possess strong attention to detail and stay calm under pressure.

What does a surgical technologist do?

  • Provide surgeons proper instrumentation and medication during a procedure
  • Transport supplies to the operating room and properly arrange them
  • Apply sterile drapes around the patient
  • Anticipate which instrumentation the doctor will most likely need for that specific operation and be prepared
  • Apply bandages to the patient after surgery
  • Sterilize the operating room after surgery

Scroll down to see images of Pima Medical Institute Surgical Technology students in action, the hands-on lab at the Denver campus and the technology and equipment students use to get the healthcare career training they need.

Pima Medical Institute Surgical Technology students tour the University of Colorado Hospital.


Pima Medical Institute Surgical Technology students get hands-on training at the Denver campus lab.


Surgical Technology students train in the lab.


A Pima Medical Institute Surgical Technology student scrubs up in preparation for hands-on training at the Denver campus.

pmi-surg-tech-week-hero (1)

Surgical Technology Program Director, Mark Wilms (right in white coat) and his Surgical Technology students pose for a photo. This is Pima Medical’s first cohort of Surgical Technology students. They will graduate in June of 2017.


An inside look at Pima Medical Institute’s Surgical Technology lab.


September 20, 2016
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