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Student Consumer Information

  1. Student and General Institutional Information
    1. Academic Catalog
    2. Academic Programs
    3. Privacy of Student Records/FERPA
    4. Accreditation
    5. Articulation Agreements
    6. Booklist Disclosure by Program
    7. Voter Registration
    8. Copyright Infringement Policies - Computer use and File Sharing - Policies and Sanctions
    9. Applicants and Students with Disabilities
    10. Transfer of Credit
    11. Credit for Previous Education and Life Experience
    12. "Student-Right-to-Know" Information
      1. "Student Right to Know" Data
      2. College Navigator
        The NCES College Navigator site contains comprehensive information about each of our campuses including but not limited to enrollment information, programs offered, program completion and graduation rates, student transfer-out rates, student body diversity, estimated student expenses, and financial aid.
    13. Social Media Policy
    14. Borrower Defense Rule
    15. Washington State Religious Accommodation Policy