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4 Questions You Should Ask During Your Medical Billing and Coding Job Interview

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Congratulations! You’ve put in all the work to finish your Medical Billing and Coding program and earned your certification. Now it’s time to put all your knowledge to use in your new healthcare career. Afterall, it is what you went to school for, right?

Going to job interviews can be nerve racking but they can also be exciting. You’re about to start a new chapter of your life. When preparing for your interview, it’s important to do some research and pull together questions to ask, making sure the company and position are the right fit and environment for you. Asking smart questions will also impress the hiring manager. We’ve provided some examples to help ease your nerves when it’s your turn to start asking the questions.


Will I have access to resources to help me stay up-to-date on guidelines, the industry and coding changes?

Why ask this? Because it’s good to know that you’ll have resources available when you need them. You may need to check for accuracy when you’re unsure of something or keep an eye out for updates on any changes in the industry or guidelines. This question will show that you’re detail-oriented and want to continue to learn.


What kind of software do you use for billing and coding?

This is crucial to ask because there are many different types of software options for medical billers and coders. It’s best to know which one(s) the company uses so that you can be prepared on your first day if you get hired. If you haven’t used their software before, you can always research it and brush up on your skills before you start your new position.


How many charts are required to turn around daily?

This question is a good one because it’s important to gain an understanding of what your new employer will expect of your workload. It will also help you determine if the job is manageable and the right fit for you. Plus, this will let the hiring manager know that you’re already thinking about performance.


What are the company benefits?

For any profession, this can make or break your decision whether or not this position is for you. Depending on the benefits you’re looking for, paid time off, 401k, health insurance, etc., it’s always best to know what your future employer offers. You may also be able use it as a negotiation tool when working out your contract.


Are you interested in a medical billing and coding career? Did you know you’ll learn how to build a resume and interview while attending Pima Medical? Did you also know our career services teams help with job placement once you graduate? You’ll be confident and prepared to enter the workforce when you complete any program with us. Get started today.

May 16, 2022

Pima Medical Blog

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