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He Wanted an Education but not the Debt that Often Follows. His Dream of a Medical Career Brought Him to Pima Medical.

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

Winston Banks earned his Pharmacy Technician certificate from Pima Medical’s Denver campus. He knew he wanted a career in the medical field, but he did not want the debt that often comes with the traditional education path. Now he is using his education at Pima Medical as a stepping-stone for a larger career.

Here is his story.

“After graduating from high school, I was afraid of going to the university and ending up $60,000 in debt, so I got a job instead. It didn’t take long for me to realize my job held no future for me and that’s when I decided to look into the medical field where I could have a stable career and growth opportunities.

I’ve always been good at math, so I was looking into pharmacy when I heard a commercial for Pima Medical Institute and decided to enroll in the Pharmacy Technician program. My instructors were accomplished in their field and everyone there wanted me to succeed. I didn’t own a car at the time so each day I would ride the bus for two hours, attend four hours of class, and then ride the bus two hours home. Yep – it was an eight-hour day for me, but I loved it!

Over the years, I’ve held a variety of positions but currently, I am working as a pharmacy liaison at University of Colorado’s health transplant clinic. Because I want to grow in the medical field, I recently obtained my bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from Colorado State University and I plan next to get my MBA. My eventual dream is to be the director of a clinic, urgent care or even hospital.

To help broaden my experience in the healthcare field, I took a position as an evening Career Prep instructor at Pima Medical’s Aurora Campus. I am able to encourage and motivate my students as well as be understanding. For example, evening classes are a struggle for many of my students who work all day and I can totally relate since I also have a day job. I have found that I love teaching! I am grateful for Pima Medical Institute. Their education is top notch!”

Are you ready to take your first step toward a career in healthcare? Don’t wait, Get started now.

January 28, 2022
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