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Alumni Spotlight: Radiography-Bridge Graduate Jackeline Jimenez

Posted: July 2, 2020 by Diane Smith

Jackeline Jimenez is a graduate of our online Radiography-Bridge program. She was working as a limited scope technician when she decided to go back to school. It was a decision she made for herself, and her two children.

Here’s her story.

“I was working as a limited scope technician when my husband left me and I found myself alone to raise my two girls by myself. My bosses were very kind and encouraged me to attend a program to get my full radiologic technologist license and increase my salary. My medical director even sent me a link to Pima Medical Institute’s online Advanced Placement Track Radiography (now called Radiography-Bridge) Program.

It was very challenging working full-time, caring for my daughters and going to school, but it was also so rewarding! I was so happy and motivated to be in the program, that I was able to be very committed to my goal. I would come home from work, prepare a meal for my family and then focus on schoolwork. The instructors were helpful and very available for me when I had questions. My program director was excellent and I always felt his support. I am thankful I was able to continue working during the program and keep my insurance for my children. It wasn’t easy, but you often don’t know how strong you are until you go through hard times. My life has not been easy. When I was 15, my mother passed away and I immigrated to this country. And, I am so grateful for the opportunities this country has given me.

My supervisors at work held a position for me and as soon as I obtained my license, I was promoted to a full-scope radiologic technologist. I love to learn, so I plan to go for my license in mammography and then I hope to return to Pima Medical for my bachelor’s degree. I am so proud of myself and I wish I had done this program earlier. I had such a great experience and it was so worth it!”

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