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Medical Assisting – A Stepping Stone into an Advanced Healthcare Career

Follow your passion for a career in healthcare and make a difference.

While medical assisting (MA) can be rewarding on its own, many use it as a starting point toward their goal of a more advanced healthcare career. Many students who graduate with this certification have gone on to other medical fields such as nursing, respiratory therapy, radiography, healthcare administration and more. So, why is medical assisting a great stepping stone into other healthcare careers? Find out below.

Various Types of Settings & Duties

Medical assisting allows you to work with different types of patients as well as experience different healthcare settings such as a physician’s office, plastic surgeon, physical therapy practice, hospitals and clinics. In Pima Medical’s program, you will learn how to work directly with patients as well as the administrative side of healthcare. Some of the courses will teach you how to prepare patients for exams, perform basic lab tests, take vitals, handle billing, fill out insurance forms and patient records and more.

Working in the Field Quickly

If you want to begin working quickly in the medical field and/or are unsure you’d be able to finish a more advanced program, medical assisting could be a good start for you. It helps build your confidence, prepares you for future medical careers and allows you to experience the medical field with just nine months of training from Pima Medical Institute.

Advancing Education

Gaining experience in the medical field helps students get into medical programs faster and sometimes MA credits can transfer into a more advanced healthcare degree. Being a certified MA will also benefit you because you’ve already received some medical training and education that qualifies you to work in healthcare. Plus, your healthcare facility may offer to cover full or partial tuition costs should you want to stay with them after completing your next program.

Rewarding Career

Having a career as a medical assistant is very rewarding as you are helping patients, caregivers, family members and even your coworkers daily. It’s a great start to learning about healthcare and can prepare you for more advanced medical careers later on.

At Pima Medical Institute, we offer the Medical Assistant program full time at our ground locations or as a hybrid option that gives you the opportunity to do your coursework online and the hands-on training in the lab at your local campus. Contact us today to get started toward your journey into the healthcare field.

November 15, 2022

Pima Medical Blog

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