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Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Pagaduan

Posted: November 13, 2020 by Diane Smith
Image of Jonathan Pagaduan, Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences graduate.
Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences graduate, Jonathan Pagaduan.

Jonathan Pagaduan worked in manufacturing, but knew he wanted more. He discovered medical imaging and found his calling. He continued his education with us, and graduated with a bachelor of science in radiologic sciences. Here is his story.
“Formerly, I worked as a quality manager in manufacturing but realized that the job was neither rewarding nor fulfilling. So, I began volunteering at a local hospital as a transporter, which is how I discovered the world of medical imaging. I chose Pima Medical because I could start immediately. My experience as a student was tough! As a student, you have to make many adjustments and sometimes you have to lose in order to gain. My instructors were hard on me, but I know now that I am a much better technologist because of it.
After graduation, I applied everywhere and contacted everyone I knew in the business. I was hired at Boulder Hospital. Almost a year later, I was hired at Littleton Hospital where I have been expanding my experience. My future goal is to move into management. I recently completed Pima Medical’s Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences. It's been a good experience. I thought I might feel isolated learning online and on my own, but I found I was always in contact with my instructors. A big piece of online learning is time management. If I can do it, others definitely can.
Pima Medical has provided me a great education and it's given me an opportunity for further advancement. My belief is that the combination of education and advancement leads you to a better place.”
Pima Medical’s Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences degree is ideal for individuals who are looking to advance their existing careers as radiologic technologists. A radiologic technologist, or radiographer (often erroneously referred to as an X-ray technician), performs diagnostic medical imaging examinations.
Do you want to advance your career, or begin training to blaze your own path in healthcare? Check out our programs here.

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